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    Christine Gibbons is a graduate of the Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City.  She is National Board Certified and Licensed to practice acupuncture in New Jersey,
New York and Colorado.  She is a standing member of the NCCAOM.  Christine received her BS degree from Nyack College in New York and her masters degree in Acupuncture from the Tri-State College of Acupuncture.  She has trained under the supervision of
Dr. Mark Seem, PH.D, L.Ac, the founder of the Tri-State college of acupuncture.  Dr. Seem developed the protocol for meridian based/trigger point acupuncture therapy.  This acupuncture technique combines TCM with western physical medicine trigger point therapy to treat musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.  The combination of this particular acupuncture strategy offers patients quick and lasting relief of symptoms.

    Christine has been practicing Acupuncture since 1996 and has over twenty five years of experience in the health care field. She is a certified hypnotherapist as well as a certified massage therapist.  Christine enjoys running, biking, meditation and quietude (prayer).  She loves animals and has three dogs that accompany her on her daily runs.  She has run in two Olympic Trial Marathons and has competed in many marathons and ultramarathon races over the past 30 years.  She is passionate and devoted to her sport as well as her profession.

    Christine is regularly involved with continuing education to enhance her knowledge and provide the absolute highest level of complete care for each and every individual patient that receives treatment in her office.

 Christine Gibbons Healer
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