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ACUPUNCTURE:  A Safe and Natural Way to Perfect Health…

Holistic Services

-Acupuncture Massage

Reiki Healing

Acupuncture is a simple and very effective form of restoring and maintaining natural health.  The strategy of acupuncture treatment is to restore the body’s energy ( Chi or Qi) to a normal and balanced state allowing the body to protect and maintain it’s natural balance, which is perfect physical, emotional and mental health.

If you experience any type of pain or dysfunction it may be a sign of energy blockage and/or imbalance within the body’s energy flow.  Acupuncture can free the blockages, enhance the flow of Chi and therefore, create balance to restore the body to a natural state of health.

Some examples of blocked Chi are:

• Neck Pain
• Headache
• Lower back pain
• Sciatica
• Allergies
• Digestive issues
• Depression/anxiety

Are you in pain?
Do you feel fatigued?
Are you stressed?
Are you anxious or depressed?... ACUPUNCTURE can Help!

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Thurs   closed

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Peaceful Flowers for Healing

Many health insurance companies
now offer acupuncture coverage.
Please feel free to call our office:
1-201-487-0036 and we will be happy
to answer any questions and verify
your insurance coverage.

We will also handle all the
billing for you.​

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